Tuesday, February 25, 2014

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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Future Partners With Times Internet To Launch Techradar India

TechRadar is the UK's biggest technology reviews website and now reaches more than 20 million unique users a month internationally with the biggest and best technology reviews. The award-winning brand is one of the fastest-growing technology websites in the US and has become the go-to destination for opinions, exclusives and authoritative reviews of everything from mobile phones and tablets to the latest cameras and televisions. TechRadar truly is a 24/7 operation, with editorial teams already based in the UK, US and Australia. "TechRadar has seen fast growth internationally and now delivers the very best technology news and reviews to over 20 million international consumers every month," said Nick Merritt, head of TechRadar, Future. "We're very pleased to be partnering with Times Internet for this major new venture to bring TechRadar to India." "TLP is excited to partner withTechRadar; a well regarded brand in the technology news and reviews space," said Puneet Singhvi, business head, Times Local Partners. "It's a great addition to the rapidly growing TLP portfolio that delivers differentiated content and aggregates premium audiences across its network. We look forward to growing the brand and audience for TechRadar in India." Times Local Partners is a recently launched initiative by Times Internet to partner with global digital companies to launch, build, and grow meaningfully in India. In 2013, TLP announced a partnership with Gawker Media to bring Gizmodo and Lifehacker to India. Last year, it also launched America's most popular business news site Business Insider India and Askmen. About Future plc: Future plc is an international media group and leading digital business, listed on the London Stock Exchange ( FUTR.L ). Future has been named Consumer Digital Publisher of the Year for three years in a row by the Association of Online Publishers (2011, 2012, 2013) and has been named the Professional Publishers Association Digital Publisher of the Year for two consecutive years (2012, 2013). Future is also the British Media Awards Media Company of the Year.
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Monday, February 17, 2014

garden Gnomes

Garden Gnomes drive people crazy nowadays. Most people wonder why these garden decorations make people get irritated so easily. A gnome is a fabled creature that is depicted as a dwarf and is said to live underground. They are also believed to act as treasure guards in hoards. These creatures were unheard of until some time back in the 19th and 20th century stories. The illustrators and story tellers describe gnomes as having a red cap and a tendency to mine metals and precious stones. Their initial garden figurines were designed by the Germans in the 1860s by a man by the names Charles Isham.

They were small and made from porcelain. Their main aim was to decorate a certain rockery that was meant to be an imitation of a mountain landscape and the gnomes were placed there to represent mining dwarfs. These little bewitching creatures or characters are designed as a small statute and used as garden ornaments, hence the term Garden Gnomes. They were believed to bring good luck. The Garden Gnomes are in three major categories; the worker gnomes, the leisure gnomes and the culture gnomes. Members of the art world are currently trying to introduce the 'Underpants' gnome. Leisure genomes are designed to look goofy. They usually depict leisure and relaxation.

These gnomes bend towards sporting activities, smoking pipes; others have mugs of ale in their hands while some just sit. The leisure Garden Gnomes are simply designed to depict a relaxing mood. The other category is the worker gnomes. These gnomes portray a busy set up. They are mainly designed to busy themselves with the usual chores in the garden. These include watering of plants, shoveling in a garden or even pushing a wheel barrow. These scenarios are depicted by including the tools used in such chores; as part of the artwork. Culture genomes on the other hand are referred to as the 'geeks'. These gnomes are designed to have books in their hands or a musical instrument. The Garden Gnomes can also be used as Woodland gnomes, Dune gnomes, Farm gnomes, House gnomes and Siberian gnomes.

Garden Gnomes are used to decorate one's garden. These decorative pieces of art are mostly used to decorate gardens especially in Europe. The mere presence of Garden Gnomes in a garden is believed to promote the growth of the other plants on the same piece of land. In fact, gnomes, in particular the Garden Gnomes are believed to take good care of vegetation. These gnome decorations, when placed in the garden tend to give the overall look of the garden a great impression. They add design and humor to a person's garden, creating a lively effect for the people who will visit the area. This can be efficiently achieved by the use of the funny Garden Gnomes. These designs also give your garden the cultural view. This is because the use of Garden Gnomes has been a cultural practice for quite some time now. Large gnomes are advisable for bigger gardens and vice versa for smaller gardens.